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I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and able to stay that way. As we move into a special summer of new normal, classes will be back in session with some changes in times and days to allow full cleanings between every class. I will include what day your child's class has a special with me at the end. 


Music: To make up for not being fully open in the Spring the song of the month will be "Waltz of the Flowers" as we focus on how music makes everything move no matter how we feel. This month we are also doing action and feelings songs to show music with our bodies. The musical terms will include staccato and legato for short quick moments vs. flowing smooth actions. Fun filler songs will include topics of Spring, Summer, and staying healthy such as songs about eggs and the animals who lay them, hand washing, and weather changes


Sign Language: Starting with things of Spring now being seen, we will have vocabulary on egg laying animals including bugs and the story book, "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" followed by parts of the flower, gardens, and what they need to grow. Next we'll honor the father figures in our lives with Father's Day/ family signs and item many men enjoy including sports terms. Along with Father's Day we also have the first day of Summer June 20th, leading into summer fun signs of things to do in the hottest season. The week of June 29th-July 3rd classes will be on items of America with July 4th being on Saturday that week. 


I hope to see everyone feeling good for classes with me. Here is an update on what day(s) in the week I might see each child.

Mondays: Toddler 1, Toddler 2, Toddler 3 and 3-III classes for music

Tuesdays: 2-I. 2-II, 2-III, and 3-I for music

Wednesdays: 3-II. 4's, 4K for music and 3-I sign language

Fridays: 3-II, 3-III, 4's, 4K, and school agers for sign language;  infant room for music


School ager music day is TBD by classroom teacher, or they will alternate between sign and music on Fridays.


See you all soon!

-Ms. K






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