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4 Year-old Pre-K All-Day Program

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. 

If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

~ Albert Einstein

Our goal in our Pre-K classroom is to provide our students with an opportunity to learn while balancing both an organized enviornment and learning through play.  We base our program on the Creative Curriculum with a focus on the Everyday Math Program and Handwriting without Tears.  We feel that it is important to teach our students skills through hands on activity and movement.

Throughout the year the students are asked to do a few family projects which involve an activity that a parent and child complete as a team - most often some sort of art project.  We believe that this is a great time to talk to your child about school and see his/her progress in learning.  This is a wonderful way to get family involved in what is going on in the classroom.

As new themes arise each week we change our areas of the classroom to help keep our students' interest.  It is always exciting seeing the students' reactions to our new items in the book area, sensory table, dramatic play, block area and discovery table. We also dedicate a bulletin board to a "Star Student" every other week to display pictures, favorites, and news about a friend in our class.  The children always look forward to seeing who the next Star Student is.


Our Pre-K program is devoted to helping children grow and prepare for Kindergarten in a positive environment.  We do our best to accomodate our teaching to service the needs of each child in our class.  Ultimately, our goal is to guide our students day-by-day and facilitate their learning as they have only just begun their jouney in education.


Daily Pre-K Schedule

6:30-8:00           Arrival/breakfast/free play

8:00-8:15           Group time

8:15-8:30           Prepare for outside time

8:30-9:15           Outside time

9:15-9:30           Snack

9:30-10:20        50 minutes of free play/art

10:20-10:30      Clean up

10:30-10:50      Small groups

10:50-11:00      Story

11:00-11:30      Bathroom/Get sleeping bags/Get ready for lunch

11:30-12:00      Lunch/Bathroom

12:00-2:00        Naptime

2:00-2:30           Bathroom/Snack

2:30-3:15           Outside Time

3:15-3:30           End of the day Group Time

3:30-4:15           Free play

4:15-4:30           Clean up

4:30-4:45           Story time

4:45-6:00           Table toys/Stories/Dismissal


Monday: Sign language 10:25-10:50

Tuesday: Dance Group A 9:00-9:30, Group B 9:35-10:05

Wednesday: Music 10:25-10:50

May 2023 News!

4s (Ms. Liz)

Hello families.

Wow, here we are in May already. We will be busy the first 2 weeks of May talking about Moms. We will be busy making cards and other things for our moms.

We will check out the garden and maybe plant a few things to grow. We will do some fork painting and balloon art.

May is also a time people will start camping and going to their cottages for the first time. May is such a fun time to enjoy the outside weather.

We will wrap up the month talking about zoo animals. Always a fun     subject in May!

Have a wonderful and Happy Memorial Day.

Miss Liz and 4’s  


April was a great transition into the Spring season. We focused on gardening, the Earth, Easter themed animals, and Zoo animals. May is an exciting month to concentrate on friendships, mother/Guardian appreciation, personal hygiene, insects, and farm animals.

We are excited for our 4K graduation on May 23rd. Please have your   children here by 6pm. We will be sending out a copy of the kids’         graduation songs for them to practice at home!


Ms. Jocelyne and Ms. Hasna



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