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Music & Sign Language News

I hope that this month will have lovely weather to feel the full effects of Spring. The flowers, animals, and family holidays that go with May will be my focus each week. Until school is over for the college season, I am covering classes for others on a regular basis. Due to the schedule needs  I will not be able to include sign language into the weekly schedule. If there is a change, I will go back to offering sign language on it’s own day and it will be on the same vocabulary topics as that week’s music. May’s topics will be: Week 1—flowers, their parts, and how they grow. (This might have sign language mixed into the music/science     lesson). Week 2-Mother’s Day and other family songs, Week 3– Zoo animals (we did egg laying animals in April), Week 4– camping and other outside/Memorial Day activities, and Week 5– Class Favorites! That is the last week before school’s out and summer class shifts may begin. I want to start their summer fun out with their musical fun favorites.

See you all soon!

Mrs. K


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