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Happy November everyone,


We all have many things to be thankful for; family, friends, food, and festivals just to name a few. That will be the focus for Sing & Sign for November. 3’s and up will have food categories every week in sign language classes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.. the kids should come home full on food signs.

In Music they will start learning their songs for the      December concert of “Christmas Carols.” Along with concert songs, they will work on diction and following the leader for words, tempo, volume and pitch. Christmas might be coming a bit early in your homes as the kids sing carols in class and on their lips when they come home the first week of November. 

The music concepts for Infants through 2’s (and fill in time past weekly concert prep for 3’s and 4’s) will include music themes to revolve around the Thanksgiving Holiday. My hope is to introduce songs, dances and instruments of Native American tribes as our cultural composers for the month, and fun songs that include family, friends, food and festivals:)

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