Infant Programming - 6 Weeks to 1-Year

"It's all of these profound things crashing on you when your child arrives into the world.  It's like you've met your reason to live."

~ Johnny Depp


The staff of Arts for Kids is both professional and caring.  They will teach and care for your child using their experience and the information they receive from you.  Each staff member has or will soon complete the required education to be a professional childcare provider in the State of Wisconsin.

Our committment to quality care begins with the partnership between our care givers and parents, which is especially important in providing the highest quality of care for infants.

Together, parents and care givers develop a daily schedule that meets the individual needs of the child.  This open communication will be on-going during the child's time at the Center.

The Center realizes that very young children require an environment that is responsive to individual needs.  Our loving care givers respond with kind words, warm smiles and gentle touches to assure infants they are safe, secure and special.  Our infant classroom offers an array of bright , stimulating equipment alongside soothing, restful areas.  Our infant room is a safe and secure place for infants to explore and learn as they spend their day with us.  Each infant is on their own unique feeding, sleep and play schedules.  Our nurturing infant program is designed just for them with their best interest at heart. Non mobile infants will be moved to various activities in the room to provide variety and enjoyment in their day.

Children under the age of 2 years old will have a notebook system for direct communication with their teacher(s).  In this notebook the teacher will log the daily activities, feedings ad rest times of your child.  Parents will be asked to list pertinent information that will ensure the individualized schedule of each child is up to date.  To include, but not limited to, the last time the child ate,slept and was changed, as well as mood and sleeping patterns of the night before.

September 2022 News!

Infant I 

Happy September! This month brings us sad and happy things. First, all last month we said a sad good bye to our friend Lillian as her family moved to a new city, but we did get to meet and start to know two new friends, Mackenzie and Carson. The other part of our sad news is that we will be saying good bye to Bodin, Lila and Charlie Jo as they move up to Infant II. On a happy note we are welcoming 4 new friends, Willow, Nora, Isabella and Violet.

This month we will be learning about Grandparents Day, All About Me, Apples and Fall. We will be taking walks to look at all the beautiful September nature changes and taking pictures of them exploring and playing with friends.  Goals we will be working on will be getting to know everyone, holding our own bottles, rolling over and sitting up on our own with help. We will also be doing enjoy one on one time with each infant while reading books, singing songs and having baby language conversations.

As always feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you may have.

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Alexis      


Infant II

Hello September! We are looking forward to the new changes coming this month.  August, Charleigh, and Bronx  are moving on up to the toddler room to make more memories and meet new friends. On the happy note we get 5 new infants. 3 that will be joining us from the infant 1 room; Charlie Jo, Lila, and Bodin. Then 2 new friends, Rigglee and Paxton that are new the center. We are very  excited to get to know our new friends and make memories with all of the     infants. This month we will be learning about Grandparents Day, All About Me, Apples, and Fall. We will also we working on Crawling, Walking, Walking along furniture, and doing more art projects. We are going to start doing more art projects and getting out for more walks if it is to hot, cold or raining we will take walks through the mall. We will continue to try and keep the infants on the same schedule as each other it seems to be easier for when it comes to taking walks and doing art. We also want to start doing more one on one time with each child, doing so we will be taking a child at a time and read a book to them or sing some songs. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask or talk to us at drop off or pick up times, also feel free to send us a message on HiMama any time of day.                                                                            

Ms. Shelby