Toddlers and 2-Year Old Programming

"I'm just a kid, I have a lot of stuff to do yet."

~ Clint Eastwood

Our commitment to quality care continues in our Toddler and 2-year old rooms.  Children at this age are eager learners who energetically interact with materials and people.  We at the center realize that an environment and curriculum that encourages each child's growing need of independence is a basis for developing and mastering life skills and a positive self esteem.  By playing in both large and small groups, these children will learn valuable social skills needed to effectively interact with others. While engaging in fun activities toddlers and 2-year olds will discover their likes and talents and will be exposed to fundamentals such as: colors, shapes, self-help skills, as well as social and language development.

Children under the age of 2 years old will have a notebook system for direct communication with their teacher(s).  In this notebook the teacher will log the daily activities, feedings and the rest times of your child.  Parents will be asked to list pertinent information that will ensure the individualized schedule of each child is up-to-date, to inculde but not limited to: the last time your child ate, slept and was changed, as well as mood and sleeping patterns of the night before.  Parents of 2-year olds will find daily information posted in the Parent Area of the room.


Arts for Kids has an individualized program for the needs of children ages of




6-weeks to 2-years old.



All children will have individual contact and attention through feeding, diapering and learning experience.


Each child will follow their individual routine of feeding and sleeping set by their home environment.


The children will be provided with equipment to fit their educational development and creative expression appopriate to their age level.


Daily communication with parents: 

~  A notebook for each child under two years of age will be sent home with parents summarizing child's activities.


Parents will bring back notebook with information for teachers.


Staff will ensure that throughout the day infants will be moved into different activities.

Potty Training Policy 


If parents and the center are in agreement that a child is developmentally ready, Arts for Kids will begin to encourage potty training at age 2.


At 2-1/2 years old age, regular potty training is part of our daily program and routine.  Children will be encouraged to wear pull-ups or underwear (depending on progress) and have plenty of extra pull-ups or underwear on hand.  They will be taken to the bathroom every 2 hours (possibly more often at the beginning).  If a child is wearing underwear, they will be put in a pull-up or diaper for naps, unless completely trained.  We will use lots of praise for a "job well done" and lots of understanding when "accidents happen" if a child has a rough day.


Sometimes potty training can happen overnight and sometimes it can be a long process - we just need to have a lot of patience.

April 2022 News!

Toddler I

Hello Everyone!
Spring is here! We’ve been enjoying the nice weather outside on the playground!
We’ve been busy tossing balls, popping bubbles and riding the toys! We have enjoyed our artwork for the St. Patrick’s theme! We used a lofa to paint shamrocks,
made a gold collage on a pot, used do-a-dot markers on shamrocks and made a shamrock collage.
We sang a song ”I’m a Little Leprechaun” and dressed up with leprechaun hats and animals costumes. We played in colored green water with shamrocks, St. Patrick's necklaces, played in sand table with shamrocks, buckets and green textured paper!
During the month of April we will be doing activities with Easter, the farm and Week of the Young Child. We will also continue to work on our goal skills.
Any questions or concerns please address them to me! I’d be happy to help!
Enjoy your Easter, relax and God bless you all!

Toddler II 

Hopping into spring with Easter around the corner and don’t forget April Showers Bring May Flowers!
This month we will be focusing on Week of the Young Child, Rainfall Weather, Baby Animals and Easter.
We will have lots of art and discovery and we are also going to try and do more science related experiments as well.
Thank you,
Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Tina

Toddler III 

Hello Families!
Before we jump in, even though you may have met me already, let me introduce myself. I’m Ms. Lauren and I’m taking over for Ms. Marie! I’m very excited to be starting here with such a great group! For April I’m planning on doing a lot of spring and Easter based activities and incorporating those things into our room as much as possible with the toys and books as well as group time.
In addition, April is Autism Awareness Month and this is something I have celebrated in my previous classrooms, so we will do an activity based on Autism Awareness on Friday, April 1st and reinforcing beauty in everyone’s differences.
I will have my hours and contact information posted on the dry erase board just inside the room so please feel free to reach out to my at any time.       Ms. Lauren                                                           

2's I

Welcome April!
Our themes last month were Dr. Seuss, Pets, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring and Nutrition. The kids loved Dr. Seuss week. They had fun with the Dr. Seuss books and our version of “Green Eggs and Ham!”
They also loved movie/pj day and had lots of fun at the St. Patty’s
Our themes this month are: The Week of the Young Child—Super Heroes, Easter, Earth Week and Bugs.
We will be doing dress up days and fun activities for the Week of the Young Child! Parents please make sure that your child has extra clothes in their cubby. Also, please make sure that you check your child’s cubby for artwork and/or important papers.
As always if you have any questions or concerns you can ask me any time.
Have a great month!
Ms. Ashley


Happy Spring!
We had such an active month in March. The first week we were being healthy by learning all the nutritious food we can eat. We worked on colors and hand eye coordination skills by placing colored foods on the rainbow and we sorted fruits and vegetables into buckets. The second week of March we talked about St. Patrick’s day (thanks to all who brought treats for the party the kids really enjoyed them). We did a science experiment by using baking soda and vinegar so the pot would fizz up green (the kids loved it, they were laughing). We got the kids moving by hunting for coins and exploring the classroom for them. The following week we talked about Spring. We talked about how it will be getting warmer and the flowers will start to pop out. We also took turns and said what we like to do outside in the springtime. We did an activity with shape carrots and sorted them out by rows. The last week of March we read a lot of Eric Carle books and did activities along with the books that we read for the day. We match the colors of the animal with the colored circle and noticed colored patterns. Hope everyone has a great month and please don’t forget to dress up your kids for the Week of the Young Child.
Ms. Laura & Ms. Erin


Hello Families and Welcome to April in 2’s III! A huge thank you to the families that brought in treats for our St. Patrick’s Day party last month! The children had a wonderful time! March was a busy month for us. We kicked off the month celebrating all things Dr. Suess. We highlighted our uniqueness by making our own version of The Foot Book using our foot prints, worked on our fine motor skills and our imaginations by making a pancake version of green eggs and ham, and even watched an animated version of Green Eggs and Ham. Next, we turned our focus to healthy eating and exercise habits. We used our language and thinking skills to talk about (and sing about) the fruits and veggies we eat and how they help us grow strong. We also briefly discussed grains and dairy. We worked on our eye hand coordination by playing a ring toss game and our comparing ability by playing match games. The middle of the month was spent celebrating St. Patrick’s Day through a variety of fun color activities. We looked through colored frames, painted rainbows using rolling pins, and learned how to make the color green by mixing blue and yellow paint in a group activity. The end of the month was spent observing the world around us as we talked about Spring and learned about the lifecycles of butterflies and birds and watched the spring weather. The last week of the month was spent enjoying Eric Carle stories and activities which helped build our vocabulary and our imaginations. We are looking forward to continuing our journey of learning this month through activities that help us build our social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills. If you have any questions or con-cerns please ask! You can message me through HiMama or leave me a note. Have a wonderful month!!
Ms. Sara B and 2’s III’s