Preschool Programming (3-Year Olds)

"I go to sleep thinking about my children being spoiled and I wake up thinking about it."

~ Adam Sandler

Our commitment to quality care enhances our Preschool Program through our hands-on, theme based curriculum, which allows children to make good choices and be successful.  At each stage of preschool development careful consideration is given to classroom arrangement and selection of developmentally appropriate toys and equipment to enhance the development of the children. The preschool classroom revolves around 8 interest areas: creative arts, blocks, dramatic play, book corner, manipulatives, math, science and sensory.  Insterest areas are enriched with engaging activities corresponding with the theme. Children interact with a variety of materials to discover and learn.  It is through this child-directed play and fun that preschoolers are actually learning concepts such as counting, letter recognition, sounds, shapes, colors sequencing and listening skills in prepartion for kindergarten.

Arts for Kids has a written program of activities planned according to the developmental level of each group of children and intended to expose children to a variety of cultures.  The program will give each child experiences that will encourage the following:


Self esteem and positive self-images

Social interacation

Self-expression and communication skills

Creative expression

Large and small muscle development

Intelluctual growth

Sample Daily Pre-School Schedule


  6:30 -   8:30     Breakfast/Free Play

  8:30 -   8:45     Bathroom Break

  8:45 -   9:00     Classroom areas

  9:00 -   9:15     Snack

  9:30 - 10:15     Outdoor Activities

10:15 - 11:00     Special Interest Areas (Art, Cooking, Science, etc)

11:00 - 11:15     Clean-Up Classroom

11:15 - 11:30     Bathroom Break

11:30 - 12:00     Lunch

12:00 -   2:00     Rest/Nap

  2:00 -   2:15     Bathroom Break

  2:15 -   2:30     Snack

  2:30 -   3:15     Classroom Activities

  3:15 -   4:00     Outdoor Activities

  4:00 -   4:30     Storytime, Song, Fingerplays

  4:30 -   6:00     Special Interest Areas (Puzzles, Computer, Art, etc.)

September 2022 News!

3's I

Welcome 3’s 1 families!

I am more than excited to meet you and your families!

We will start out September with the theme All about me. Please bring in 2 to 4 pictures of your family/pets to make our family boards with. This will     be a great way to get to know your child and family, and it’s also helpful   to look at them on the days your kiddo is missing home.

The rest of September our weekly themes will be “self care,” “love and family,”   and finally “self-esteem.”

A special thank you to my previous 3’s 1 kiddos and families for giving me the pleasure of getting to know you all. I wish the best to you and your families!

Ms. Hannah


3's II

Hello families!

Hard to believe September is here! We had so much fun last month with our Pete the Cat unit and making our dragon scales art project out of old jewelry that I got from my aunt. As with every new school year, friends leave to new classes and I would like to thank every single parent that has let me care for their child since they have been in my room. It’s truly been a blessing to teach them and watch them grow! I am sad to see them move on to their new rooms, but I know they’ll do great! I can’t wait to welcome my new friends into my class and teach them and meet you    parents! This month our themes will be Fall, Farm, Sesame Street, and Forest animals. Reminder: we are closed on Labor Day. Have a wonderful September and thank you!

Ms. Steph


3's III

Hello Families!

Can you believe it’s already the end of summer? These last few months flew by us way too fast! As we say goodbye to our friends who are moving up to or entering 4K, we are also welcoming a new group of friends into the 3’s III room! To my friends who are moving up or entering 4K, thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop such an amazing bond with each and every one of your. You all have taught me so much! And to my incoming class, I cannot wait to get to know everyone and watch you grow and discover more about yourself and the world around us.

This last month was spent focusing on Bubbles, Balloons, the Alphabet, Disney, and the 5 Senses. We did so many hands on activities such as making our own bubbles and bubble wands; mini balloon creatures; stamping with the letters of the alphabet; Mickey Mouse Q-tip Art; and painting with spices.

For the month of September the themes consist of: All about me, Fall/Autumn, Apples, and the Farm. We have many different hands on activities planned and cannot wait to share it with all of you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out on HiMama or to me personally!


Ms. Caroline & the 3’s III