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        AGE                      FULL-TIME               HALF-DAYS(5 days)*                       HOURLY                            FULL-DAYS*

                                                                                  (Less than 5 hours)                          (3 hours or less)                      (less than 5 days)


6-weeks to 2-years          $268 per week                        N/A*                                                      N/A                                        N/A*

  2 to 6-years                    $231 per week                       $187 per week                                    $10.00/hr                                 $65/per day





School Aged children:         $204.00/week             $44.00/day

* Part-time care for children under 2 years is no longer available for new or prospective families.  Part-time care is only for our current families who have been "grandfathered in" and have current part-time schedules.

A $45.00 registration fee for one child or $65.00 per family due in advance.  This fee will hold a position for your child. 

An annual specialty fee of $35.00 per family will be charged on March 1st of each year.


Fees for childcare will be due on the first day of the week that your child is scheduled for attendance.

When more than one child from the same family attends, the child with the highest fee will pay full price and second children will receive a 10% discount. Only one child per family will receive a 10% discount.


There will be a charge of $35 per week, for up to 12 weeks, to hold a spot for any child that will be absent from the center for more than 1 week (out for the summer, maternity leave for sibling, etc.)  Holding fees are only for long-term absences such as summer leaves, maternity leave for a sibling, loss of employment, etc.  It is not be used for regular vacation requests, even if the regular vacation is more than 1 week.  You will be billed for all scheduled days of attendance whether your child attends his/her scheduled days or not once the allotted number of vacation days are used. Please see Vacation Days and Holidays below for more information regarding vacation time.


Parents will be notified, well in advance, of any special event or field trip that may require additional fees.


A fee of $5.00 per five minutes will be charged for any child being picked up after 6:00pm.  Also, $5.00 per day will be charged for late payment of fees.  The fee for a returned check will be $40.00.


Vacation Days and Holidays


Vacation days must be requested in writing at least two weeks in advance to make staffing changes. 


Full time child/ren will receive 5 vacation/sick days per calendar year.  

Part-time families and families whose children will be absent from the center for longer than 1 week (off for summer, maternity leave, laid off, loss of employment, etc) will forfeit all vacation time for the year.


After the allotted number of days have been credited to your account, you will be billed for all scheduled days of attendance whether your child attends his/her scheduled days or not.


Arts for Kids will be closed for the following holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July.  The center will survey the parents to see if there is a need to open on Black Friday and New Years Eve day.  If twenty or more children request care, the center will likely be open for business. If the center is closed due to low enrollment you will not be charged for the day.


You are billed for all other holidays if they fall on a day of the week your child is scheduled to be here.


Your child must have been in attendance at Arts For Kids for 6 weeks (30 business days) in order to use vacation/sick days.


Revised 1/1/2024




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