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Environmental Science

We had tons of fun in March learning all about the human body. We learned about some of the important organs in our bodies like the stomach, brain, heart, and lungs, and drew them on our traced bodies. Then we added fun things like hair, clothes, and shoes. Every-one loved our digestion experiment where we added crackers to a baggie, crushed them up, and added club soda to act as stomach acid. The kids thought it was super gross and cool at the same time! And of course we loved learning about the different parts of our blood because we got to use Orbeez as our red blood cells. In April we will be doing some fun spring activities and experiments. We will be growing our own plants, making bird feeders, doing a rain cloud experiment and also a walking water rainbow experiment. We can’t wait for the nice spring weather to come so we can get outside for some science activities!
Ms. Rachael


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