Environmental Science

Welcome Back Friends!

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring on break, and have a lot of fun      science and discovery projects!

We are kicking off June by learning about bugs. Oh yeah, I’ll bring in some creepy crawlies for us to check out and we will test out some

new theories I have.

The garden is growing...but what? We will go outside to check out and identify different plants and weeds. Maybe we’ll see some bugs in there too!

For Father’s Day it’s all about dad. I fish with my dad and would love to bring in my Grandpa’s newly restored (by me)  hand-me-down boat. How does it work? Oars, electric motor...we will climb in and explore.

For Dairy Month we are learning about Milk vs. Cream as we make real butter and whipping cream.

We will end the month with a bang! Learning about fireworks and how they work.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!



Ms. Kelley




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